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BOG. is the collection of four theatre makers: 

Judith de Joode, Benjamin Moen, Sanne Vanderbruggen and Lisa Verbelen. 

BOG. is a Dutch-Flemish collection and was founded in 2013 after their first performance BOG. An attempt at restructuring life (2013). Since then the four theatre makers - all born in 1988 - create performances, works, texts together. Or alone. Or in different constellations. Next to the four theatre makers BOG. consists of Anne Baltus (head of business and production) and Roos Euwe (dramaturge). 

BOG. is driven by the longing for an overview, for naming, folding out, zooming out, rearranging, categorizing and summarizing of all the things that we humans try to capture but are too big to grasp. Like life. Or opinions. Believing. Consciousness. The fact that everything is constantly moving and changing. BOG. tries to transcend its own perspective and to expose the multiplicity of voices. 

Most of BOG.'s work contains together-written texts in which the musicality, meaning and form of language are of equal importance. Besides BOG. An attempt at restructuring life (2013),  BOG. has created the performances MEN. de mening herzien (2014), ONE. solo by Lisa Verbelen (2015), GOD. (2015), DAM. (2016), OER. een oefening (2016), KID. (2017) a performance for both children and adults, and Iemand die slaapt (2018) after the book Un homme qui dort written in 1967 by the French author Georges Perec.

At the moment, Lisa is preparing her new solo ALL. about structure and complexity. The premiere will be at the Brakke Grond, 27 May 2019. 

Both BOG. An attempt at restructuring life , ONE. solo by Lisa Verbelen and ALL. are performed in English. Scroll down for more informations about these performances. 

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BOG. an attempt at restructuring life

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BOG. comes from the Dutch word boog, which can be translated as arc.
BOG. refers to creating a cycle, an overall picture of all of human life.
BOG. tries to restructure life in its on way.

We zoom out to the complex diversity of existence, until the bigger picture becomes clear. Sighing in gratification at the idea of an overview. Like when, in a plane taking off, suddenly you recognise the structure of the chaotic city.

BOG. searches for the blueprint of the “thing” that later will be called your life.

BOG. was awarded with the KBC TAZ Jong Theaterprijs 2013 at Theater aan Zee in Oostende (Belgium). The text was nominated for the Taalunie Toneelschrijfprijs 2013 and was awarded with the student prize. 

Created and played by: Lisa Verbelen, Sanne Vanderbruggen, Benjamin Moen,
Judith de Joode
Final director: Erik Whien
Dramaturgy: Roos Euwe

Production: Anne Baltus
Sound: mariothijs
Technique: Emiel Rietvelt
Publicity: Dieke van der Spek
Decor: consists of some belongings of Mies Regina van Gemeren (1929-2013)

English translation: Emma Wierda, Benjamin Moen
Thanks to: all the people with whom we wrote letters

With support of the Flemish Government // De Brakke Grond // Stichting Diorapthe

ONE. solo by Lisa Verbelen
about all of the things: time, space, light, sounds, organisms, objects, people, feelings and thoughts.

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ONE. is a choir piece for four voices, sang by one woman.
The score is seventy-five meters long.

ONE. is about movement and, because it is a solo, about loneliness. It is an attempt to understand these concepts. An attempt to understand that everything is moving, always and how to be part of all this.

ONE. was nominated for the BNG Bank Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs 2016, a prize for new theatre makers in The Netherlands.
In 2017 ONE. won on the 35ste Fadjr International Theatre Festival in Tehran (Iran) the prize for Best Vocal Design.

Concept / composition / performance: Lisa Verbelen
Final director: Judith de Joode
Dramaturgy: Roos Euwe
Production: Anne Baltus
Stage design and building: Jaap Bontekoe, Merijn Versnel
Technicians: Emiel Rietvelt, Lucas Kramer, Floris Vermist
With the support of: d e t h e a t e r m a k e r, De Brakke Grond, De Buren.